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collage-image-artisan-engineering-3Willingness to depart from the norm and develop creative, innovative solutions

Artisan Engineering is a professional structural engineering studio, providing traditional and specialty structural engineering services. We tailor our services to the unique requirements of each of our clients. Through our work with owners, architects, designers, engineers, constructors, fabricators, and product vendors, we are sensitive to all aspects of the design and construction process. In today’s fast-paced construction environment, we understand the importance of responsive, cost-effective resolutions to both common and unique structural issues.

The cornerstone of Artisan Engineering’s success is its unique willingness to depart from the norm and develop creative, innovative solutions to meet special challenges posed by each project. We have over a decade of structural engineering and management experience, in commercial, institutional, industrial, residential, and specialty engineering design and construction of major projects throughout New England. Our experience includes most types of building materials including: structural steel, concrete, masonry, conventional wood framing, heavy timber construction, manufactured lumber products, stress skin panels, aluminum and light gage steel framing. A hands-on approach assures each client a quality design and thorough project coordination with all members of the design team.

The key to success of any project is balancing design, functionality, and costs. It takes skill and an intimate knowledge of the process of construction to avoid unnecessary complications and expense. Our reputation within the design and construction community as problem solvers compels us to continually stay abreast of new materials and design techniques and combine them with our experience to provide sound, functional and economically feasible design options.

Whether your project is a multi-million dollar commercial building or residential improvement, close personal contact is important. We keep you informed of the status of your project, respond quickly to problems should they arise, and ultimately bring your project to a timely and effective conclusion. Artisan Engineering meets each engineering challenge head-on, using the best methods available to provide unique solutions.






  • Building Design

    Artisan Engineering has experience in designing structural systems for the following building typologies: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Site Development Structures, Institutional, Heavy Timber, Historic Rehabilitation & Renovation.
  • Investigations

    In addition to structural building design, Artisan Engineering offers the following investigative services: Feasibility Studies, Failure Studies, Seismic Analysis, Evaluation of Existing Structures, Insurance claim reviews / structural investigation reports
  • Specialty Structures

    When needed, Artisan Engineering will design specialty features, either alone or in conjunction with an entire structural design.
  • Structural Systems

    Artisan Engineering has experience working with the following structural systems: Structural Steel, Light Gauge Steel, Concrete, Aluminum, Masonry, Heavy Timber Construction, Conventional Wood Framing, Manufactured Lumber Products, Stress Skin Panels
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